6-Week B2B Marketing Mentorship Program For Software Houses by Romeo Man

6-Week B2B Marketing Mentorship Program For Software Houses

Learn full stack growth marketing strategies and tactics for software houses. You'll learn to run growth yourself, and — with our feedback  — you'll build your growth teams.

What is included?

  1. 6 module video courses with practical examples
  2. Growth frameworks & processes to implement in your business
  3. Excercises and tasks so implement what you learn
  4. Personalized coaching call. One for all the modules ( to answer all your questions 🤔)
  5. Access to our community events and discounts to our open trainings
  6. Additional 7 video courses from guest instructors that worked with Booking.com, Bolt Google, LiveChat and bunch of software houses - simply put pure gold.

Some of the software houses we worked with:

How The Program Works?

Tailored Curriculum

We've put all our 10+ yrs of b2b sales & marketing expertise based on real world learnings into this course. All our guest instructores are practitioners and work with tech businesses. 


We'll connect with you and give our feedback for each module. Our growth consultant will connect with you on a Zoom call to make sure your questions are answered.


You will have access to our Slack community where the learning continues after the course. You will be invited to community meetups we ocasionally organize.


The program is self-paced and can be done anywhere. You'll have access to the community and our coaching calls anytime.

Who is this for?

Marketing and Sales Specialists

Full Stack Marketers and Growth Specialists

CMOs and Marketing Managers that want to build growth-focused teams

CEOs of tech companies Houses interested in building a growth team

Folks who want to join growth teams

Get The Skills You Need To Growth Your Software House

A 6 week mentorship program to start generating a predictable stream of leads. In this course you will: 

  • Get a strong understanding of all the aspects of growth marketing for tech companies
  • Learn to build growth marketing strategies, funnels, content marketing, and automation for your tech business
  • Master account-based marketing, sales enablement, personalized connection, and meaningful outreach that actually works
  • Get a strong skill in measurement and reporting, with a focus on LTV, ROI, and cohort analysis
  • We take you by the hand implementing all the learning in our coaching calls

Instructor: Romeo Man

Worked with software houses, SaaS businesses, travel tech, medical and e-commerce. Mentoring startups at Google Launchpad and Hub:raum (part of T-Mobile). 
Worked in various international organizations, like DHL, Electrolux, and Element14, getting involved in organization development and process building.

Guest Instructors

Antonello Schiavo

Sales Operations Manager at Google, where he teaches outsourcing companies how to manage and operate their business like Google.
6+ years in marketing and customer experience with a data driven mindset and a strong customer-centric approach. 
Antonello on LinkedIn

Beata Mosór

14-years of experience in strategist, marketer and lean consultant. 
She helps companies create and/or optimize their business model, and translate it into effective strategies, tactics and specific actions.
Experience in organizing acceleration programs such as Google LaunchPad & WARP.
Beata on LinkedIn

Wojtek Skalski

10-years of experience in Growth Marketing
Former Head of Growth and General Manager, USA at Brainly.
Founder of Skalski Growth
He worked with over 50 companies Business.com, Luxury Retreats (now AirBnB), Dataedo, Omni Calculator and Pomelody. 
Wojtek on LinkedIn

Bart Pielaszek

Head of Growth Marketing @ Tagvenue, previously as Senior Growth Strategist & Team Lead @ Ladder.io
Data-driven growth marketer with +560 A/B/n tests run (35% success rate) and +$5.2m media spend (positive ROI) 
Bart on LinkedIn

Yonatan Kagansky

15 years of experience of crafting strategic stories for large and medium companies (as an advertising professional, branding expert and consultant), 
He runs small agency that helps tech companies.
Yonatan on LinkedIn

Simon Stanisz

17+ years of experience in direct sales.
Has worked with all types of companies - from early-stage startups, to mature enterprises like Bolt, Deutsche Telekom, Lionbridge, Dotpay, Infoshare, etc. 
Has trained and coached hundreds of salespeople and marketers all over the world.
Simon on LinkedIn

Jan Prager

Certified specialist in web marketing and analytics, brand communication consultant.
6+ years in digital analytics.
He runs Optime Marketing Agency in Poznan
Worked in PPC, CRO for both software houses and e-commerces.
Guru in Analytics  
Jan on LinkedIn

Marcos Bravo C

Marcos is a veteran Marketing and Brand expert with over 20 years of experience in many industries.
He worked at both SaaS and Software Houses. Some of the companies he worked at are Brand24, Tooploox, Divante.
Marcos on LinkedIn

6 modules on all the ingredients to build growth marketing & sales funnels

What you learn?

Introduction - What can you expect?
Course Introduction
15 mins
Customer Journey & Marketing Funnels
Introduction to How to Build B2B Marketing Funnels
31 mins
Presentation: Introduction to how to build b2b marketing funnels
10.8 MB
Value Ladder: Adding Value Each Step of Your Funnel. What are the types of funnels we can build?
14 mins
Presentation to Value Ladder
2.74 MB
The Big Picture: Customer Journey, Sales Funnel and Content Strategy Lucidchart Exaplained
15 mins
Marketing Funnel Campaign Explained in Lucidchart
11 mins
eBook funnel for lead generation overview
15 mins
B2B survey funnels overview
7 mins
B2B live webinar funnel overview
21 mins
B2B mini class funnel overview?
9 mins
B2B webinar on-demand funnels overview
6 mins
Consulting or call funnels overview
8 mins
Crafting your strategic story! w/ Guest Instructor Yonatan Kagansky
59 mins
Resources, templates
B2B Buyer Persona Design
Introduction to B2B Buyer Persona
1 min
How we build your B2B buying persona for your tech business?
25 mins
PDF Presentation:How we build your B2B buying persona for your tech business?
2.18 MB
In-depth analysis and research on how to approach building your own personas w/ Guest Instructor: Beata Mosór-Szyszka, CEO @ Project People
(1h 14m 52s)
How to build in-depth researched b2b buyer personas /w Beata from Project People
1.59 MB
How to use the b2b buyer persona template
3 mins
How to develop a strategic messeging map for your tech business
14 mins
PDF Presentation: How to develop strategic messaging map
642 KB
Persona Templates, Frameworks and Resources
Build Entry Point Offers & Lead Magnets
Introduction to Entry Point Offer
2 mins
How to build your Entry-Point Offer for your buyer persona.mp4
23 mins
Step by step ebook funnel over the shoulder.mp4
30 mins
Step by step webinar funnel over the shoulder.mp4
18 mins
Step by step mini-course funnel over the shoulder.mp4
16 mins
Lead magnets and entry point offers frameworks, templates and resources
Brainstorming Your Entry-Point Offers.pdf
40.3 KB
Entry-Point Offer Checklist.pdf
71.3 KB
Entry Point Offer Excercise
B2B Customer Acquisition and Content Marketing
Introduction to module 4
1 min
How to create content marketing for b2b digital sales
20 mins
How to do content promotion for b2b digital sales
11 mins
How to use InMail Ads for Content Promotion
10 mins
How to do email outreach to promote your webinar using salesflare
6 mins
How to use LinkedIn Sponsored Ads to promote Ebook
12 mins
How to outreach on slack communities to promote your content
8 mins
How to promote your content to slack community members with email outreach
14 mins
How to promote your webinars with Facebook Ads
24 mins
How to promote your webinar and ebook using quora ads
18 mins
How to use Google Ads for B2B - Guest Instructor Antonello Schiavo
57 mins
Content Marketing for B2B Tech Companies /w Guest Instructor - Wojtek Skalski
54 mins
B2B Customer Aquisition and Activation with Lean Analytics Cycle - Guest Instructor Bartosz Pielaszek
(1h 11m 30s)
How to promote blog post on quuu promote
24 mins
B2B Digital Sales Content Strategy Tool - Template 📚💪
Remove Friction in B2B Buying
Introduction to module 5
2 mins
Conversational Marketing with Seamus Mcgrath from Drift
50 mins
B2B Conversational Marketing
How to use Account Based Marketing in B2B Buying
Marketing & Sales Alignment ( including Lead Scoring and Handoff Blueprint)
Sales Playbook Template: Assumption, Problem & Pain Questions Blueprint for Tech Businesses
Conversational Marketing Template
Prioritization, Measuring & Reporting Dashboard
Introduction to module 6
2 mins
How to Prioritize your Marketing Sprints for Agile Marketing
How to Build your Growth Marketing Dashboard for your Tech Business
Google Data Studio Dashboard Template
Measurement frameworks, templates and resources
2 mins

Continuous learning within the community

Community Slack

You will have access to a members-only Slack channel and monthly dedicated webinars with our team and partner guests to help you implement everything that you learn. 

Professional network

In our community we specialize in paid advertising, web analytics, content marketing and copywriting, b2b sales, conversion rate optimisation, conversational marketing.

Learn from practitioners

Practitioners who worked in marketing or sales in companies like Drift, Hubspot, Callpage, Codewise, Bolt, Google, are part of our community.

Monthly Community Webinars

Being part of the community you will have access to live Q&A sessions with our team and guests, so that you can put in practice all the learnings.

Some of our partners & friends that recommend us.

Lukasz Mlynek - CEO, Railwaymen
Lukas Gmys - Marketing Manager, STX Next
Jarosław Pilarczyk - CEO, Skyrise
Ania Bywanis - Executive Director, CMO, Arteïa
Adam Beniowski - Founder & CEO, Pro Business Solutions
Paulina Wójtowicz - CEO, Social Movers Hub

B2B marketing wizard in the tech industry

Learn how to plan, implement, track, measure and optimize a digital B2B marketing campaign for tech businesses. 

The online video course has all you need to upgrade your skills and to launch a digital marketing campaign in no-time. All with a growth focus and ROI mindset.

Our Partners

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Download the tips, pre-written emails and pitch deck and copy-paste into an email.

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14 days money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

We are confident about the value of the course. If you realize that this is not for you, write us an email within the first 14 days and we will do a refund. No questions asked.


How I will get access to the course?

We will deliver the content in 6 weeks. So-called drip content. We use this method as we don’t want to overwhelm you with information and give you the opportunity to ask questions and implement the learnings step by step.

How is this different to any other course like Udemy or Coursera?

This course is based on our years of experience working with SaaS and Software Houses. It is all practical and is based on our 2 day workshop that we deliver to our customers. This is not a general digital b2b marketing course but a tech businesses tailored course.
Additionally to the  course you will have access to a community of experts and peers from the industry to continuously  keep learning new strategies.

Can I use your templates for email outreach?

We’ve crafted templates for tech businesses but we recommend you highly personalize them. 

Do you have a list of marketing tools to set up our marketing stack?

Yes, we suggest in every module the tools to work with. We are tool geeks, hence we tested a  bunch of marketing and sales tools so that you don’t need to research and waste time on BS tools.

Can I join the community without buying the course?


How can I get a refund?

Send us an email to [email protected] within 14 days after you paid and we send you your refund. No questions asked.