6-Week B2B Marketing Mentorship Program For Software Houses

You'll learn inbound and outbound lead generation. Get over 40 videos with all our learnings from successful B2B campaigns, frameworks, templates & private coaching call. Including guest instructors from Drift, Salesforce, Google & more.
Introduction - What can you expect?
Course Introduction
10 mins
Customer Journey & Marketing Funnels
Introduction to How to Build B2B Marketing Funnels
31 mins
Presentation: Introduction to how to build b2b marketing funnels
10.8 MB
Value Ladder: Adding Value Each Step of Your Funnel. What are the types of funnels we can build?
14 mins
Presentation to Value Ladder
2.74 MB
The Big Picture: Customer Journey, Sales Funnel and Content Strategy Lucidchart Exaplained
15 mins
Marketing Funnel Campaign Explained in Lucidchart
11 mins
eBook funnel for lead generation overview
15 mins
B2B survey funnels overview
7 mins
B2B live webinar funnel overview
21 mins
B2B mini class funnel overview?
9 mins
B2B webinar on-demand funnels overview
6 mins
Consulting or call funnels overview
8 mins
Crafting your strategic story! w/ Guest Instructor Yonatan Kagansky
59 mins
Resources, templates
B2B Buyer Persona Design
Introduction to B2B Buyer Persona
1 min
How we build your B2B buying persona for your tech business?
25 mins
PDF Presentation:How we build your B2B buying persona for your tech business?
2.18 MB
In-depth analysis and research on how to approach building your own personas w/ Guest Instructor: Beata Mosór-Szyszka, CEO @ Project People
(1h 14m 52s)
How to build in-depth researched b2b buyer personas /w Beata from Project People
1.59 MB
How to use the b2b buyer persona template
3 mins
How to develop a strategic messeging map for your tech business
14 mins
PDF Presentation: How to develop strategic messaging map
642 KB
Persona Templates, Frameworks and Resources
Build Entry Point Offers & Lead Magnets
Introduction to Entry Point Offer
2 mins
How to build your Entry-Point Offer for your buyer persona.mp4
23 mins
Step by step ebook funnel over the shoulder.mp4
30 mins
Step by step webinar funnel over the shoulder.mp4
18 mins
Step by step mini-course funnel over the shoulder.mp4
16 mins
Lead magnets and entry point offers frameworks, templates and resources
Brainstorming Your Entry-Point Offers.pdf
40.3 KB
Entry-Point Offer Checklist.pdf
71.3 KB
Entry Point Offer Excercise
B2B Customer Acquisition and Content Marketing
Introduction to module 4
1 min
How to create content marketing for b2b digital sales
20 mins
How to do content promotion for b2b digital sales
11 mins
How to use InMail Ads for Content Promotion
10 mins
How to do email outreach to promote your webinar using salesflare
6 mins
How to use LinkedIn Sponsored Ads to promote Ebook
12 mins
How to outreach on slack communities to promote your content
8 mins
How to promote your content to slack community members with email outreach
14 mins
How to promote your webinars with Facebook Ads
24 mins
How to promote your webinar and ebook using quora ads
18 mins
How to use Google Ads for B2B - Guest Instructor Antonello Schiavo
57 mins
Content Marketing for B2B Tech Companies /w Guest Instructor - Wojtek Skalski
54 mins
B2B Customer Aquisition and Activation with Lean Analytics Cycle - Guest Instructor Bartosz Pielaszek
(1h 11m 30s)
How to promote blog post on quuu promote
24 mins
B2B Content Strategy Tool - Template 📚💪
Remove Friction in B2B Buying
Introduction to module 5
2 mins
B2B Copywriting Basics
21 mins
B2B Lead Nurturing
40 mins
Conversational Marketing with Seamus Mcgrath from Drift
50 mins
Sales dashboards and Reports use your data, make more money
(1h 15m 42s)
Olga_Romeo Man Dasboards & Reports - Make More Money
5.52 MB
Sales Playbook Template: Assumption, Problem & Pain Questions Blueprint for Tech Businesses
Conversational Marketing Blueprint by Drift